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Free Story eBook: When The Stone Shepherds Awaken

Author: Mark Barkley

When The Stone Shepherds Awaken by Mark Barkley

PUBLISHED: 2015 / 654 Pages

On a distant planet far off into the future, there is a human colony twice removed from Earth with a country preparing for war. Sabienn Feel is a military cadet being fast-tracked for promotion as their enigmatic head of state, The Great Leader, readies his armies for battle.

Sabienn’s world comes crashing down when one day he grows wings. And now people are trying to kill him.

He also finds out that not only him but thousands of men his age have grown wings around the world in keeping with a ten thousand year old prophecy. With his wings comes an intuitive ability to pick up an object and see a history of someone who held it. This ability has not gone unnoticed by higher powers within the realm.

But what is it that The Great Leader wants of him? Will The Great Leader save him?

“When The Stone Shepherds Awaken” is the first of twelve books in “The Sabienn Feel Adventures”.

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