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Listen and Read “Clarimonde” Audiobook, eBook together to Improve Learning English

Free English Story Audiobook, eBook: Clarimonde

Author: Théophile Gautier

This is the story of a priest named Romauld, and his all-consuming love for the beautiful courtesan, Clarimonde. (Summary by Joy Chan)

Clarimonde by Théophile Gautier / Learn English AudioBook and eBook

PUBLISHED: 1908 / 35 Pages

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Book Excerpt

very dress might serve as a pall for your coffin.

And I felt life rising within me like a subterranean lake, expanding and overflowing; my blood leaped fiercely through my arteries; my long-restrained youth suddenly burst into active being, like the aloe which blooms but once in a hundred years, and then bursts into blossom with a clap of thunder.

What could I do in order to see Clarimonde once more? I had no pretext to offer for desiring to leave the seminary, not knowing any person in the city. I would not even be able to remain there but a short time and was only waiting for my assignment to the curacy which I must thereafter occupy. I tried to remove the bars of the window but it was at a fearful height from the ground, and I found that as I had no ladder it would be useless to think of escaping thus. And, furthermore, I could descend thence only by night in any event, and afterward, how should I be able to find my way through the inextricable labyrinth of streets? All these difficulties, which

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