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When Patty Went to College is Jean Webster’s first novel, published in 1903. It is a humorous look at life in an all-girls college at the turn of the 20th century. Patty Wyatt, the protagonist of this story is a bright, fun loving, imperturbable girl who does not like to conform. The book describes her many escapades on campus during her senior year at college. Patty enjoys life on campus and uses her energies in playing pranks and for the entertainment of herself and her friends. An intelligent girl, she uses creative methods to study only as much as she feels necessary. Patty is, however, a believer in causes and a champion of the weak. She goes out of her way to help a homesick freshman Olivia Copeland who believes she will be sent home when she fails four subjects in the examination. (Summary by

Genre(s): General Fiction, Humorous Fiction, Children’s, Young Readers, School

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookWhen Patty Went to College

Author: Jean Webster (1876 – 1916)

When Patty Went to College by Jean Webster

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An Early Fright00:14:31
The Impressionable Mr. Todhunter00:15:01
A Question of Ethics00:13:11
The Elusive Kate Ferris00:12:07
A Story With Four Sequels00:10:49
In Pursuit of Old English00:14:12
The Deceased Robert00:07:56
Patty The Comforter00:10:58
‘Per l’Italia’00:25:48
‘Local Color’00:20:44
The Exigencies of Ettiquette00:09:25
A Crash Without00:17:02
The Mystery of The Shadowed Sophomore00:15:49
Patty And The Bishop00:20:24 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Story Books Collection

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