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Sixteen Christmas stories or essays. (David Wales)

Genre(s): Children’s Fiction, General Fiction, Christian Fiction, Children’s, Young Readers, Short Story

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookA Christmas Miscellany 2018

Author: Various

A Christmas Miscellany 2018

Listen and Read “A Christmas Miscellany 2018” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

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Audio AUTHOReBooks
A Christmas Of Long Ago (1906)Lucy Maud MontgomeryeBook00:07:18en
Lou’s Clarionet (1896)Edward Franklin Tregaskis eBook 00:14:12en
Santa Claus’ Message: A Christmas Story (1921)Sir Charles G. D. Roberts eBook 00:24:07en
Bertha’s Christmas Vision (1856)Horatio Alger, Jr. eBook 00:08:13en
The Christmas Gift (1856)Horatio Alger, Jr. eBook 00:17:11en
A Plum-Pudding (1900)Sabine Baring-Gould eBook 00:22:08en
A Christmas Tree (1900)Sabine Baring-Gould eBook 00:21:21en
The Mistletoe Bough (1867)Anthony TrollopeeBook00:53:40en
Christmas Eve In A Lumber Camp (1921)Ralph ConnoreBook00:24:34en
A Little Boy And Santa Claus (1911)Walter Alden DyereBook00:13:21en
The December Surprise, The Telephone Santa Claus (1918)Patten BeardeBook00:22:53en
The First December Surprise, The Directory Santa Claus (1918)Patten BeardeBook00:09:39en
The Second December Surprise, Mary Elizabeth’s Soldierly Christmas (1918)Patten BeardeBook00:15:03en
Christmas Eve (1920)Vera Charlesworth BarclayeBook00:24:20en
‘Santa Claus’ (1929)Eden PhillpottseBook00:32:18en
Captain Santa Claus (1890)Charles KingeBook00:57:52en Free Audiobooks and eBooks Story Books Collection

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