The Boy Scout Aviators by George Durston / Learn English AudioBook and eBook

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Free English Story Audiobook, eBook: The Boy Scout Aviators

Author: George Durston

The Saalfield Boy Scout Series includes books written under many pseudonyms, and the books in the series republished under many names by different authors, including George Durston, John Blaine, Edward Griggs, and others. Most books have a war theme, with Boy Scouts helping track down enemy spies, sending urgent messages, etc. Although the books are mostly fiction, the Boy Scouts did have a major role in World War I.

The Boy Scout Aviators by George Durston / Learn English AudioBook and eBook

PUBLISHED: 1921 / 125 Pages

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Book Excerpt


At home, Harry had an early dinner with his father and mother, who were going to the theatre. They lived in a comfortable house, which Mr. Fleming had taken on a five-year lease when they came to England to live. It was one of a row of houses that looked very much alike, which, itself, was one of four sides of a square. In the centre of the square was a park-like space, a garden, really. In this garden were several tennis courts, with plenty of space, also, for nurses and children. There are many such squares in London, and they help to make the British capital a delightful place in which to live.

As he went in, Harry saw a lot of the younger men who lived in the square playing tennis. It was still broad daylight, although, at home, dusk would have fallen. But this was England at the end of July and the beginning of August, and the light of day would hold until ten o’clock or thereabout. That was one of the

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