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This is a very cute children’s book. Mr. West’s half-sister Matilda is orphaned and she comes staying with the family for a while. It looks like Mr West doesn’t like her very much, her being “blue” and all. What this means is an entirely unknown concept to his children, but they also anticipate that they won’t like her very much either. But then Matilda arrives and neither her skin nor her hair are blue at all, and she turns out very very nice – winning the hearts of the children in no time. – Summary by Carolin

Genre(s): Children’s Fiction, Family

Language: English

Free English Story Audio and eBookThe Blue Aunt

Author: Eliza Orne White (1856 – 1947)

The Blue Aunt by Eliza Orne White

Listen and Read “The Blue Aunt by Eliza Orne White” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read OnlineThe Blue Aunt by Eliza Orne White

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The Letter00:10:28
The Blue Aunt Comes00:17:49
Nancy Merrifield and the Stranger00:13:34
The Plaid Dress00:12:29
Evelyn’s War Work00:15:18
The Blue Aunt’s Plan00:07:35
A Safe and Sane Fourth of July00:11:44
The Journey00:16:52
The Little Gays00:19:15
The Birthday Dinner00:15:51
The Story00:11:39
Jim and the Orphans00:20:02
The Home-Coming00:09:31
The Letter from France00:09:19
The Thanksgiving Candle00:15:35

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