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Bored socialite Tessa craves adventure, and finds it when she becomes a mail order bride to Montana rancher and widowed father Dean Samuels. Can this pair — as different as night and day — find love?

Free English Story eBook: From Across the Room

Author: Gina L. Mulligan

Book Excerpt / CHAPTER 1

Maureen O’Connor watched her eldest daughter once again turn down a request to dance. She sighed resignedly. This was yet another night wasted on her headstrong girl. Theresa O’Connor was beautiful, witty, intelligent, and completely bored with their society. None of the would-be suitors were up to her high standards because they were, in her estimation, also boring.

She turned back to the conversation between her husband, Geoffrey, and his long-time friend, Mr. Alex Winters. They were discussing some matter of business that really didn’t interest her. Maureen knew her husband better than anyone and could tell Geoffrey had also noticed their daughter’s dismissal of the elegant young man. His handsome visage tightened imperceptibly and his deep brown eyes reflected his disapproval.

Mail Order Bride: Westward Winds by Linda Bridey Free Story Book

PUBLISHED: 2014 / 336 Pages

Read Online Mail Order Bride: Westward Winds by Linda Bridey

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