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All for Love is widely considered to be John Dryden’s finest work, dramatic or otherwise. A tragedy written in blank verse, it retells the story of Roman general Marc Antony’s love affair with the alluring Egyptian queen Cleopatra and their eventual double-suicide. Compared to the more famous rendition of the tale by William Shakespeare, however, which is grand and hectic in terms of setting, Dryden chooses instead to focus in on the lovers’ last days in Alexandria as the threat of their defeat looms and their legacies are contested. The result is a swelling, elegant, emotional drama that perceptively considers such themes as loyalty and love, fidelity in marriage, the lasting endurance of friendship, and even the tenuous construct of masculinity. In short, it’s truly a gem of the Restoration repertoire. – Summary by Tomas Peter

Free English Story eBook: All For Love or, The World Well Lost

Author: John Dryden

All For Love or, The World Well Lost by John Dryden Audio-Book eBook

PUBLISHED: 1677 / 95 Pages

Read Online All For Love or, The World Well Lost by John Dryden

Listen to Audio:

  1. ACT I
  2. ACT II
  3. ACT III
  4. ACT IV
  5. ACT V

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