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Free Story eBook: First Magic

Author: Raven Steele

First Magic

PUBLISHED: 2020 / 302 Pages

“Some things are worse than death.”

Keep your head down. Don’t cause a scene. And never make friends.

These are the rules I have to live by to survive. After Vykens, mutated and soulless vampires killed my parents, I know they will come for me next.

As an Aura, I can manipulate the light within me, the same ancient light Vykens feed on. It’s supposed to be a sacred power, one used only for good and to help others.

But if I want to survive, I’ll have to defy the Auran Council and learn to use my rare ability as a weapon.

Now I’m caught in something even bigger than I can understand, with a power I can’t wield, and no one I can trust, except, just maybe, a mysterious stranger who’s captured my heart, making him the biggest danger of all.

In this full-length, urban fantasy series, Steele introduces readers to a dark and exciting world full of magic, mutated vampires, and romance. If you like Cassandra Clare, Stephanie Meyers, Sarah J. Mass, or Kami Garcia, you will LOVE this new series!

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