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In this book the children are taken by the author upon a personally conducted tour through the most characteristic parts of the South American continent. The book will, it is believed, aid in putting flesh and blood on the bones of the geographies, and will give a living interest to geographical study. (from the Preface)

Genre(s): Children’s Non-fiction, Reference, Travel & Geography

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBook: Carpenter’s Geographical Reader: South America

Author: Frank G. Carpenter

Carpenter’s Geographical Reader: South America by Frank G. Carpenter

“Carpenter’s Geographical Reader: South America by Frank G. Carpenter ” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read Online Text eBook: Carpenter’s Geographical Reader: South America by Frank G. Carpenter

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From New York to Panama00:10:43
The Isthmus of Panama00:10:13
Across Panama to the Pacific00:06:38
The Republic of Columbia00:12:23
The Land of the Equator00:16:40
The Great South American Desert00:13:28
In Lima, the Capital of Peru00:12:04
Up the Andes00:08:23
On the Roof of South America00:12:25
Steamboating above the Clouds00:07:15
Travels in Bolivia00:10:54
The Mineral Wealth of the Andes00:08:27
On the Nitrate Desert and the Guano Islands00:09:36
Along the Coast to Valparaiso00:10:13
Across South America by Rail00:09:52
Santiago, the Capital of Chile00:10:06
A Visit to a Chilean Farm00:07:03
Southern Chile and the Araucanians00:09:41
In the Coal Mines of Chile00:10:14
In and about the Strait of Magellan00:11:46
At the End of the Continent00:12:28
In Argentina — Patagonia00:10:36
In Argentina — Life on the Pampas00:10:08
In the Great Fruit and Bread Lands of South America00:13:25
In Buenos Aires00:10:36
Uruguay — In Montevideo, the Paris of South America00:10:40
Up the Rio de la Plata System00:15:14
In Paraguay00:11:35
Paraguay — A Trip into the Interior00:10:27
Paraguay — A curious Tea — The Chaco and its Indians00:11:52
In Brazil — The Wilds of Matto Grosso00:07:28
Southern Brazil00:11:07
In the Land of Coffee00:12:05
Rio de Janeiro00:11:17
More about Rio00:12:10
Bahai and the Diamond Mines00:10:20
Along the Coast of Brazil00:11:06
The Valley of the Amazon00:08:52
Para, the Metropolis of the Amazon00:08:27
In the Land of Rubber00:12:28
A Trip on the Amazon00:11:02
On the Orinoco and the Llanos00:09:58
Venezuela and its Capital00:08:31
In the Guianas00:12:41

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