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Aesop’s Fables, or the Aesopica, is a collection of fables credited to Aesop, a slave and storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 564 BCE. Of diverse origins, the stories associated with his name have descended to modern times through a number of sources and continue to be reinterpreted in different verbal registers and in popular as well as artistic media…Wikipedia

Translated by George Fyler Townsend.

Free English Story eBook: Aesop’s Fables

Author: Aesop

Book Excerpt / The Wolf And The Lamb

WOLF, meeting with a Lamb astray from the fold, resolved not to lay violent hands on him, but to find some plea to justify to the Lamb the Wolf’s right to eat him. He thus addressed him: “Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me.”
“Indeed,” bleated the Lamb in a mournful tone of voice, “I was not then born.” Then said the Wolf, “You feed in my pasture.” “No, good sir,” replied the Lamb, “I have not yet tasted grass.” Again said the Wolf, “You drink of my well.” “No,” exclaimed the Lamb, “I never yet drank water, for as yet my mother’s milk is both food and drink to me.” Upon which the Wolf seized him and ate him up, saying, “Well! I won’t remain supper less, even though you refute every one of my imputations.” The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.

Aesop’s Fables by Aesop Audio-Book eBook

PUBLISHED: N.A / 364 Pages

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Read Online Aesop’s Fables by Aesop

Translated by George Fyler Townsend.

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  1. The fox and the grapes ; The goose that laid the golden egg ; The cat and the mice ; The mischievous dog ; The charcoal-burner and the fuller ; The mice in council ; The bat and the weasels ; The dog and the sow ; The fox and the crow ; The horse and the groom ; The wolf and the lamb ; The peacock and the crane ; The cat and the birds ; The spendthrift and the swallow ; The old woman and the doctor ; The moon and her mother.
  2. Mercury and the woodsman ; The ass, the fox and the lion ; The lion and the mouse ; The crow and the pitcher ; The boys and the frogs ; The north wind and the sun ; The mistress and her servants ; The goods and the ills ; The hares and the frogs ; The fox and the stork ; The wolf in sheep’s clothing ; The stag in the ox-stall ; The milkmaid and her pail ; The dolphins, the whales, and the sprat ; The fox and the monkey
  3. The ass and the lap-dog ; The fir-tree and the bramble ; The frog’s complaint against the sun ; The dog, the cock, and the fox ; The gnat and the bull ; The bear and the travellers ; The slave and the lion ; The flea and the man ; The bee and Jupiter ; The oak and the reeds ; The blind man and the cub ; The boy and the snails ; The apes and the two travellers ; The ass and his burdens ; The shepherd’s boy and the wolf
  4. The fox and the goat ; The fisherman and the sprat ; The boasting traveller ; The crab and his mother ; The ass and his shadow ; The farmer and his sons ; The dog and the cook ; The monkey as king ; The thieves and the cock ; The farmer and fortune ; Jupiter and the monkey ; Father and sons ; The lamp ; The owl and the birds ; The ass in the lion’s skin
  5. The she-goats and their beards ; The old lion ; The boy bathing ; The quack frog ; The swollen fox ; The mouse, the frog, and the hawk ; The boy and the nettles ; The pheasant and the apple-tree ; The jackdaw and the pigeons ; Jupiter and the tortoise ; The dog in the manger ; The two bags ; The oxen and axletrees ; The boy and the filberts ; The frogs asking for a king
  6. The olive-tree and the fig-tree ; The lion and the boar ; The walnut-tree ; The man and the lion ; the tortoise and the eagle ; the kid on the housetop ; The fox without a tail ; The vain jackdaw ; The traveller and his dog ; The shipwrecked man and the sea ; The wild boar and the fox ; Mercury and the sculptor ; The fawn and his mother ; The fox and the lion ; The eagle and his captor
  7. The blacksmith and his dog ; The stag at the pool ; The dog and the shadow ; Mercury and the tradesmen ; The mice and the weasels ; The peacock and Juno ; The bear and the fox ; The ass and the old peasant ; The ox and the frog ; The man and the image ; Hercules and the Waggoner ; The pomegranate, the apple-tree, and the bramble ; The lion, the bear, and the fox ; The blackamoor ; The two soldiers and the robber
  8. The lion and the wild ass ; The man and the satyr ; The image-seller ; The eagle and the arrow ; The rich man and the tanner ; The wolf, the mother, and her child ; The old woman the wine jar ; The lioness and the vixen ; The viper and the file ; The cat and the cock ; The hare and the tortoise ; The soldier and his horse ; The oxen and the butchers ; The wolf and the lion ; The sheep, the wolf, and the stag ; The lion and the three bulls
  9. The horse and his rider ; The goat and the vine ; The two pots ; The old hound ; The clown and the countryman ; The lark and the farmer ; The lion and the ass ; The prophet ; The hound and the hare ; The lion, the mouse, and the fox ; The trumpeter taken prisoner ; The wolf and the crane ; The eagle, the cat, and the wild sow ; The wolf and the sheep ; The tunny-fish and the dolphin
  10. The three tradesmen ; The mouse and the bull ; The hare and the hound ; The town mouse and the country mouse ; The lion and the bull ; The wolf, the fox, and the ape ; The eagle and the cocks ; The escaped jackdaw ; The farmer and the fox ; Venus and the cat ; The crow and the swan ; The stag with one eye ; The fly and the draught mule ; The cock and the jewel ; The wolf and the shepherd
  11. The farmer and the stork ; The charger and the miller ; The grasshopper and the owl ; The grasshopper and the ants ; The farmer and the viper ; The two frogs ; The cobbler turned doctor ; The ass, the cock, and the lion ; The belly and the members ; The bald man and the fly ; The ass and the wolf ; The monkey and the camel ; The sick man and the doctor ; The travellers and the plane-tree ; The flea and the ox
  12. The birds, the beasts, and the bat ; The man and his two sweethearts ; The eagle, the jackdaw, and the shepherd ; The wolf and the boy ; The miller, his son, and their ass ; The stag and the vine ; The lamb chased by a wolf ; The archer and the lion ; The wolf and the goat ; The sick stag ; The ass and the mule ; Brother and sister ; The heifer and the ox ; The kingdom of the lion ; The ass and his driver
  13. The lion and the hare ; The wolves and the dogs ; The bull and the calf ; The trees and the axe ; The astronomer ; The labourer and the snake ; The cage-bird and the bat, The ass and his purchaser ; The kid and the wolf ; The debtor and his sow ; The bald huntsman ; The herdsman and the lost bull ; The mule ; The hound and the fox ; The father and his daughters
  14. The thief and the innkeeper ; The pack-ass and the wild ass ; The ass and his masters ; The pack-ass, the wild ass, and the lion ; The ant ; The frogs and the well ; The crab and the fox ; The fox and the grasshopper ; The farmer, his boy, and the rooks ; The ass and the dog ; The ass carrying the image ; The Athenian and the Theban ; The goatherd and the goat ; The sheep and the dog ; The shepherd and the wolf
  15. The lion, Jupiter, and the elephant ; The pig and the sheep ; The gardener and his dog ; The rivers and the sea ; The lion in love ; The bee-keeper ; The wolf and the horse ; The bat, the bramble, and the seagull ; The dog and the wolf ; The wasp and the snake ; The eagle and the beetle ; The fowler and the lark ; The fisherman piping ; The weasel and the man ; The ploughman, the ass, and the ox
  16. Demades and his fable ; The monkey and the dolphin ; The crow and the snake ; The dogs and the fox ; The nightingale and the hawk ; The rose and amaranth ; The man, the horse, the ox, and the dog ; The wolves, the sheep, and the ram ; The swan ; The snake and Jupiter ; The wolf and his shadow ; The ploughman and the wolf ; Mercury and the man bitten by an ant ; The wily lion ; The parrot and the cat
  17. The stag and the lion ; The imposter ; The dogs and the hides ; The lion, the fox, and the ass ; The fowler, the partridge, and the cock ; The gnat and the lion ; The farmer and his dogs ; The eagle and the fox ; The butcher and his customers ; Hercules and Minerva ; The fox who served a lion ; The quack doctor ; The lion, the wolf, and the fox ; Hercules and Plutus ; The fox and the leopard
  18. The fox and the hedgehog ; The crow and the raven ; The witch ; The old man and death ; The miser ; The foxes and the river ; The horse and the stag ; The fox and the bramble ; The fox and the snake ; The lion, the fox, and the stag ; The man who lost his spade ; The partridge and the fowler ; The runaway slave ; The hunter and the woodsman ; The serpent and the eagle
  19. The rogue and the oracle ; The horse and the ass ; The dog chasing a wolf ; Grief and his due ; The hawk, the kite, and the pigeons ; The woman and the farmer ; Prometheus and the making of man ; The swallow and the crow ; The hunter and the horseman ; The goatherd and the wild goats ; The nightingale and the swallow ; The traveller and fortune

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