Tom Playfair; or Making a Start by Francis J. Finn Free Audiobooks and eBooks

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Tom Playfair; Or Making a Start is a book by a Roman Catholic priest, originally published in 1890, and written for youth ages 9-12.

The story opens with 10-year-old Tom Playfair being quite a handful for his well-meaning but soft-hearted aunt. (Tom’s mother has died.) Mr. Playfair decides to ship his son off to St. Maure’s boarding school — an all-boys academy run by Jesuits — to shape him up, as well as to help him make a good preparation for his upcoming First Communion. Tom is less than enthusiastic, but his adventures are just about to begin: life at St. Maure’s will not be dull. (Introduction from Wikipedia)

Genre(s): Family, Religion, Children’s, Young Readers, School

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookTom Playfair; or Making a Start

Author: Francis J. Finn (1859 – 1928)

Tom Playfair; or Making a Start by Francis J. Finn

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00 – Preface00:03:59
01 – In Which the Hero of the Story is Represented in a Doubtful Light00:09:29
02 – In Which Tom by a Series of Misadventures Brings Down the Wrath of His Father in Such Wise that the Author, For Fear of Forfeiting Tom’s Chances of Becoming a Hero in the Reader’s Eyes, Discreetly Veils What Actually Happened When Justice Was Administered00:15:46
03 – In Which Tom Leaves for St. Maure’s, and Finds On the Road Thither That Fun Sometimes Comes Expensive00:19:16
04 – Tom Arrives at St. Maure’s, and Makes the Aquaintance of John Green Under Circumstances Not Entirely Grateful to That Interesting Character00:24:15
05 – In Which Tom Is Persuaded to Go to Sleep00:12:22
06 – In Which Green and Tom Run a Race Which Proves Disastrous to Both00:11:15
07 – In Which Tom Usurps Minor Orders with Startling Results00:11:44
08 – In Which Tom Gets Into Many Difficulties, and Holds an Astonishing Interview With Mr. Middleton00:22:31
09 – In Which Tom Concludes That Vinegar Never Catches Flies00:06:39
10 – In Which Tom Gives Green a Bit of Advice, Which, Aided by a Storm, is Not Without Its Effect00:17:29
11 – The Night of the First Friday in November00:12:54
12 – Tom’s Midnight Adventure00:09:37
13 – In Which Tom Takes a Trip00:08:08
14 – In Which Tom Goes to the Theatre00:06:19
15 – In Which Tom is Lost00:18:22
16 – In Which Tom Enters Upon a Career of Extravagance00:12:07
17 – In Which the Prodigal Returns00:15:41
18 – In Which Tom Astonishes and Horrifies His Aunt00:20:20
19 – In Which Tom and Keenan Hold a Council of War00:09:28
20 – Storming of the Snow-Fort – Mr. Beakey Talks at Cross Purposes With the Senior Students00:16:40
21 – In Which Tom Meets With a Bitter Trial00:09:50
22 – In Which Tom Wins a New Friend and Hears a Strange Story00:16:10
23 – In Which the “Knickerbockers” Play the “Red Clippers”00:08:23
24 – Trouble Ahead00:11:12
25 – A Joyous Going Forth, and a Sad Journey Home00:13:15
26 – Sickness00:07:02
27 – Death00:10:08
28 – An Escape From Jail, and the Beginning of a Snow-Storm00:10:07
29 – End of the Snow-Storm00:03:40
30 – Conclusion00:05:18 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Story Books Collection

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