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Seven Ages of Man: From ‘As You Like It,’ Act II. Sc. 7 by William Shakespeare

The seventh of ten volumes of poetry edited by Canadian poet laureate Bliss Carman (1861-1929). This collection, the second of two parts, contains a series of odes and addresses to the natural and artistic realms, as well as various geographic places in the world, from Egypt and India, all the way to England and America. It concludes with popular narrative poetry originating from the Greek, Roman, Norse, German, East Asian, Spanish, French, English, Scottish and American literary traditions. – Summary by Tomas Peter

Genre(s): Anthologies, Elegies & Odes, Narratives

Language: English

Free English Story Audio and eBookThe World’s Best Poetry, Volume 7: Descriptive and Narrative (Part 2)

Author: Various

The World’s Best Poetry, Volume 7: Descriptive and Narrative (Part 2)

Listen and Read “The World’s Best Poetry, Volume 7: Descriptive and Narrative (Part 2)” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read Online The World’s Best Poetry, Volume 7: Descriptive and Narrative (Part 2)

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Adam and Eve: From ‘Paradise Lost,’ Book IV by John Milton00:04:22
Seven Ages of Man: From ‘As You Like It,’ Act II. Sc. 7 by William Shakespeare00:02:30
Cleopatra: From ‘Antony and Cleopatra,’ Act II. Sc. 2 by William Shakespeare00:03:08
To Ianthe, Sleeping: From ‘Queen Mab,’ Part I by Percy Bysshe Shelley00:03:00
Freedom in Dress: From ‘Epicœne; or, the Silent Woman,’ Act I. Sc. 1 by Ben Jonson00:01:17
Cousin Lucrece by Edmund Clarence Stedman00:03:36
Delight in Disorder by Robert Herrick00:01:18
The Toilet: From ‘The Rape of the Lock,’ Canto I by Alexander Pope00:02:06
Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats00:03:42
Laus Veneris (A Picture by Burne-Jones) by Louise Chandler Moulton00:01:32
On Hearing a little Music-Box by Leigh Hunt00:02:21
Those Evening Bells by Thomas Moore00:01:10
The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe00:05:25
The Bells of Shandon by Francis Sylvester Mahony (Father Prout)00:02:32
City Bells: From ‘The Lay of St. Aloy’s’ by Richard Harris Barham00:01:27
The Cuckoo Clock: From ‘The Birthday’ by Caroline Bowles Southey00:01:25
An Etruscan Ring by John William Mackail00:02:18
Leonardo’s ‘Monna Lisa’ by Edward Dowden00:01:25
The Hurricane by William Cullen Bryant00:03:10
Mist by Henry David Thoreau00:01:03
The Coasters by Thomas Fleming Day00:03:44
Smoke by Henry David Thoreau00:01:10
The Evening Cloud by John Wilson (Christopher North)00:01:17
A Still Day in Autumn by Sarah Helen Whitman00:02:39
The Sunset City by Henry Sylvester Cornwell00:01:51
The Nile by Leigh Hunt00:01:18
Ozymandias of Egypt by Percy Bysshe Shelley00:01:34
Christmas in India by Rudyard Kipling00:03:53
The Orient: From ‘The Bride of Abydos’ by Lord Byron00:01:44
The Vale of Cashmere: From ‘The Light of the Harem’ by Thomas Moore00:02:28
Carillon by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow00:03:28
The Rhine (To His Sister): From ‘Childe Harold,’ Canto III by Lord Byron00:02:22
The Cataract of Lodore: Described in ‘Rhymes for the Nursery’ by Robert Southey00:05:00
The Old Bridge at Florence by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow00:01:18
The White Peacock: From ‘Sospiri di Roma’ by William Sharp00:03:16
To Rome (Buried in its Ruins) by Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas00:01:28
The Coliseum: From ‘Childe Harold,’ Canto IV by Lord Byron00:05:26
The Pantheon: From ‘Childe Harold,’ Canto IV by Lord Byron00:01:40
A Day in the Pamfili Doria, Near Rome by Harriet Beecher Stowe00:04:56
February in Rome by Edmund Gosse00:01:19
Saint Peter’s at Rome: From ‘Childe Harold,’ Canto IV by Lord Byron00:01:25
A View across the Roman Campagna (1861) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning00:02:40
Venice by John Addington Symonds00:01:25
Venice: From ‘Italy’ by Samuel Rogers00:03:10
The Gondola by Arthur Hugh Clough00:02:11
Venice: From ‘View from the Euganean Hills’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley00:03:00
Naples: From ‘Italy’ by Samuel Rogers00:02:59
Drifting by Thomas Buchanan Read00:03:32
England: From ‘The Traveller’ by Oliver Goldsmith00:01:43
That England: From ‘Aurora Leigh’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning00:03:08
The Knight: From ‘Marmion,’ Canto I by Sir Walter Scott00:05:57
O, the Pleasant Days of Old! by Frances Browne00:02:41
Melrose Abbey: From ‘The Lay of the Last Minstrel,’ Canto II by Sir Walter Scott00:04:21
An Old Time Christmas: From ‘Marmion,’ Introduction to Canto VI by Sir Walter Scott00:04:10
The Castle Ruins by William Barnes00:02:23
The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith00:26:27
Sonnet Composed upon Westminster Bridge, London, 1802 by William Wordsworth00:01:26
London by John Davidson00:01:17
The Village Schoolmistress: From ‘The Schoolmistress’ by William Shenstone00:05:37
The Forging of the Anchor by Samuel Ferguson00:07:32
Newport-Beach by Henry Theodore Tuckerman00:01:12
The Settler by Alfred B. Street00:03:44
Song of the Chattahoochee by Sidney Lanier00:03:12
Weehawken and the New York Bay: From ‘Fanny’ by Fitz-Greene Halleck00:02:36
Mannahatta by Walt Whitman00:02:48
The Brooklyn Bridge by Edna Dean Proctor00:02:39
Scythe Song by Andrew Lang00:01:15
The Mowers by Myron B. Benton00:05:38
Château Papineau by S. Frances Harrison (‘Seranus’)00:05:39
In Mexico by Evaleen Stein00:02:16
The Fall of Troy: From the ‘Æneid’ by Virgil00:05:22
Horatius at the Bridge by Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay00:22:06
Thor recovers his Hammer from Thrym, from Sæmund’s Edda00:07:42
Frithiof at the Court of Angantyr: From the ‘Frithiof Saga,’ Canto XI by Esaias Tegnér00:09:22
The Skeleton in Armor by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow00:08:05
The Baron’s Last Banquet by Albert G. Greene00:03:54
The Nobleman and the Pensioner by Gottlieb Konrad Pfeffel00:03:52
Mahmoud by Leigh Hunt00:04:44
Prince Adeb by George Henry Boker00:13:06
The Leper by Nathaniel Parker Willis00:06:28
Erminia and the Wounded Tancred by Torquato Tasso00:05:03
Alonzo the Brave and the Fair Imogine by Matthew Gregory Lewis00:05:37
The Broken Pitcher by William Edmondstoune Aytoun00:03:12
The Ballad of Guibour: From ‘Calendau’ by Frédéric Mistral00:04:43
The Glove and the Lions by Leigh Hunt00:02:44
The Glove by Robert Browning00:09:31
Louis XV by John Sterling00:02:47
Hervé Riel by Robert Browning00:08:06
Napoleon and the British Sailor by Thomas Campbell00:03:15
How they brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix by Robert Browning00:04:23
Mort D’Arthur by Alfred, Lord Tennyson00:17:33
Godiva by Alfred, Lord Tennyson00:05:26
The Canterbury Pilgrims: From ‘The Canterbury Tales: Prologue’ by Geoffrey Chaucer00:15:52
Lord Lovel by Anonymous00:03:13
Robin Hood and Allan-a-Dale by Anonymous00:05:35
The Greenwood Shrift: George III and a Dying Woman in Windsor Forest by Robert and Caroline Southey00:05:43
The Revenge: A Ballad of the Fleet by Alfred, Lord Tennyson00:09:01
England: From ‘King John,’ Act V. Sc. 7 by William Shakespeare00:00:48
Jock Johnstone, the Tinkler by James Hogg00:11:51
Lord Ullin’s Daughter by Thomas Campbell00:03:06
Marmion and Douglas: From ‘Marmion,’ Canto VI by Sir Walter Scott00:04:41
Fitz-James and Roderick Dhu: From ‘The Lady of the Lake,’ Canto V by Sir Walter Scott00:14:40
Fitz-James and Ellen: From ‘The Lady of the Lake,’ Canto VI by Sir Walter Scott00:07:53
Muckle-Mou’d Meg by James Ballantine00:03:22
The Heart of the Bruce by William Edmondstoune Aytoun00:10:20
Barclay of Ury by John Greenleaf Whittier00:05:47
The Fight of the ‘Armstrong’ Privateer by James Jeffrey Roche00:07:04
Drifted out to Sea by Rose Hartwick Thorpe00:03:21

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