The Secret Play by Ralph Henry Barbour Free Audiobooks and eBooks

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Clearfield High School football team has no coach. Its players will have to search for a new one, and get ready for the next football season and its decisive game against Springfield, its most important adversary. (Summary by Ares)

Genre(s): Sports Fiction, Children’s, Young Readers, School

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookThe Secret Play

Author: Ralph Henry Barbour (1870 – 1944)

The Secret Play by Ralph Henry Barbour

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The Coachless Wonders00:25:10
Dick Receives an Invitation00:15:25
A Discouraged Captain00:17:40
Louise has an Idea00:29:23
Dick Consents00:15:22
The New Coach Takes Hold00:17:32
Clearfield Meets Defeat00:28:52
The Committee in Session00:09:57
Lanny Explains00:25:45
Football Problems00:16:34
The Board of Strategy00:20:44
A Trip to the City00:17:11
An Unwilling Hero00:19:55
Corwin Wins00:16:27
Lanny Visits the Office00:17:27
The Indignation Meeting00:16:46
Mr. Grayson is Surprised00:25:47
Attack and Defense00:19:23
Morris Calls in the Doctor00:24:42
The New Plays are Tried00:22:05
Cheers, Songs and Speeches00:15:15
Cable Kicks Off00:14:04
Between the Halves00:24:25
The Secret Play00:25:20 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Story Books Collection

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