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This volume is the result of an avalanche of letters that, reached the author, Annie Fellows Johnston, complaining that she skipped in the Little Colonel series. To entreaties she has responded with this charming, wholesome volume, in which she fills in the skipped places. Mary Ware is a lovable little girl, not a very little one either, because she is old enough to go to boarding-school, and her ingenuity is evidenced by her sleeping calmly under a raised umbrella because a troublesome roommate adjusted the electric light so it shone on her pillow. Likewise it proves that she is unsuperstitious. The volume as a whole is delightful, and any girl may be proud to number its heroine among her book friends. This is the ninth volume in the “Little Colonel Series”. (Summary from an original 1908 review)

Genre(s): Historical, Children, Young Readers, FICTION AND LITERATURE

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookThe Little Colonel’s Chum: Mary Ware

Author: Annie Fellows Johnston

The Little Colonel’s Chum: Mary Ware by Annie Fellows Johnston

Listen and Read “The Little Colonel’s Chum: Mary Ware by Annie Fellows Johnston” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

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Mary Enters Warwick00:19:02
‘The King’s Call’00:21:45
‘Aye, There’s the Rub!’00:36:40
A Fad and a Christmas Fund00:42:03
Jack’s Watch Fob00:23:39
In Joyce’s Studio00:17:25
Christmas Day at Eugenia’s00:24:28
The Bride-Cake Shilling Comes to Light00:50:01
Her Seventeenth Birthday00:27:41
Trouble for Everybody00:22:55
The Good-Bye Gate00:19:02
The Jester’s Sword00:35:30
Back at Lone-Rock00:33:47
Keeping Tryst00:30:15 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Stories Books Collection

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