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The Governess, or The Little Female Academy (published 1749) by Sarah Fielding is the first full-length novel written for children, and a significant work of 18th-century children’s literature. (Wikipedia)

It’s about a boarding school for girls and its students. On each day, a story or part of a story is read aloud to the girls. Then Mrs. Teachum, who runs the school, explains the lesson to be taken from each reading. – Summary by mlcui

Genre(s): Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales, General, School

Language: English

Free English Story Audio and eBookThe Governess; Or, The Little Female Academy

Author: Sarah Fielding (1710 – 1768)

The Governess; Or, The Little Female Academy by Sarah Fielding

Listen and Read “The Governess; Or, The Little Female Academy by Sarah Fielding” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read OnlineThe Governess; Or, The Little Female Academy by Sarah Fielding

Listen To Audio: Click the Following Links

An Account of a Fray00:08:12
A Dialogue Between Miss Jenny Peace and Miss Sukey Jennet00:11:02
A Scene of Love and Friendship, Quite the Reverse of the Battle00:07:09
The Description of Miss Jenny Peace00:19:24
Monday, The First Day00:23:17
A Continuation of the Story of the Giants00:18:47
Tuesday, The Second Day00:18:16
Wednesday, The Third Day00:26:58
Thursday, The Fourth Day00:15:37
Friday, The Fifth Day00:19:40
The Fairy Tale Continued00:23:30
Saturday, The Sixth Day00:27:06
The Fairy Tale Continued00:13:57
Sunday, The Seventh Day00:14:02
Monday, The Eighth Day00:27:16
Tuesday, The Ninth Day00:14:43
The Assembly of the Birds. A Fable.00:21:39 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Story Books Collection

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