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“There were neither examinations nor graduation exercises at the Coventry Institute. The only ceremony peculiar to the last day of school, except the farewells, was a little sermon from Mrs. Abbott, the principal, preceded by reading the average of reports for the year.” Delia, Lily and Kate predict speeches and a visitor… but are surprised at what that visitor has brought them and what he wants them to do for the next year! Suddenly, they can’t wait for next term! – Summary by Lynne Thompson

Genre(s): Family, School

Language: English

Free English Story Audio and eBookThe Friendly Five

Author: Mary C. Hungerford (1831 – 1901)

The Friendly Five by Mary C. Hungerford

Listen and Read “The Friendly Five by Mary C. Hungerford” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read OnlineThe Friendly Five by Mary C. Hungerford

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Mr. Bellamy’s Offer00:09:32
Next Term00:10:07
In Katie’s Room00:06:39
Mrs. Abbott’s Explanation00:13:04
Mary Ann Stubbs00:09:00
Mary Ann’s Charge00:09:13
Elfie Tells a Story00:08:29
A Rainy Day00:08:48
Some Leaves from a Diary00:10:04
A Mean Act00:12:22
The S. C.’s00:09:52
Dressing Dolls00:07:14
The Committee Buy Ribbons and Make an Acquaintance00:09:11
The Adventure Discussed00:08:45
The White Queen00:10:45
In Mrs. Abbott’s Room00:07:20
Lily’s Preachment00:12:56
In Vacation00:10:11
A Happy Day00:05:30
In Katie’s Home00:12:40
The Christmas-tree’s Second Crop00:10:59
The Letter in Cipher00:10:44
Catching a Train00:10:24
The Sphinx00:12:48
Elfie Gone!00:04:21
On the Road00:12:13
A Traveling Acquaintance00:10:55
Watching and Waiting00:12:34
In Troy00:07:36
An Exciting Night00:07:54
A Deep Sleep00:08:15
Marion is Happy00:16:40
The Prize Awarded00:09:16 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Story Books Collection

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