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Free English Story Audio and eBookThe Beacon Second Reader

Author: James Hiram Fassett (1869 – 1930)

In the “Beacon Second Reader” the author has chosen for his stories only those of recognized literary merit; and while it has been necessary to rearrange and sometimes rewrite them for the purpose of simplification, yet he has endeavored to retain the spirit which has served to endear these ancient tales to the children of all ages. The fairy story appeals particularly to children who are in the second school year. – Summary from the Preface

This school reader is an excellent resource for anyone learning to read English, children and adults alike. Reading along while listening is a great way to develop reading skills. The tables at the end of the reader provide lists of common word patterns to promote both reading and writing skills. Reading along is especially helpful for this part of the book.

Genre(s): Children’s Fiction, Short works

Language: English

The Beacon Second Reader by James Hiram Fassett Audiobook ebook

Listen and Read The Beacon Second Reader by James Hiram Fassett Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read Online The Beacon Second Reader by James Hiram Fassett

Listen To Audio: Click Here

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