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“While many scientific men now understand our place in the universe, we electrons are anxious that every person should know the very important part which we play in the workaday world. It was for this reason that my fellow-electrons urged me to write my own biography. I am pleased to say that my relationship with the scribe who has put down my story in the following pages has been of the most friendly description. I have allowed him to place what he calls “The Scribe’s Note” at the beginning of each chapter, but it will be understood clearly that these are merely convenient embellishments, and that I am responsible for the story of my own experiences.” (Introduction adapted from the text)

Genre(s): Children’s Non-fiction, Science, Children, Young Readers

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBook: The Autobiography of an Electron

Author: Charles R. Gibson

The Autobiography of an Electron by Charles R. Gibson

Listen and Read “The Autobiography of an Electron by Charles R. Gibson” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read Online Text eBook: The Autobiography of an Electron by Charles R. Gibson

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00 – Preface00:02:32
01 – What the Story is About00:05:35
02 – The Electron’s Preface00:01:40
03 – The New Arrival00:08:50
04 – Some Good Sport00:06:36
05 – My Earliest Recollections00:06:51
06 – Man Pays Us Some Attention00:07:55
07 – A Steady March00:06:36
08 – A Useful Dance00:07:07
09 – How We Carry Man’s News00:07:15
10 – How We Communicate with Distant Ships00:07:54
11 – How We Reproduce Speech00:08:01
12 – Our Heaviest Duties00:07:20
13 – A Boon to Man00:06:33
14 – How We Produce Colour00:08:07
15 – We Send Messages from the Stars00:10:38
16 – How Man Proved Our Existence00:07:43
17 – My X-Ray Experience00:08:46
18 – Our Relationship to the Atoms00:07:36
19 – How We Made the World Talk00:06:27
20 – Conclusion00:03:01
21 – Appendix00:08:15 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Stories Books Collection

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