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The Adventures of Lightfoot the Deer is another set of children’s stories by the conservationist, Thornton W. Burgess. More serious than some of Burgess’ other children’s books, much of this book chronicles the tense predator-prey relationship of a human hunter and Lightfoot the Deer during the autumn hunting season. Later, Lightfoot discovers a hunt of a different kind. (Summary by Jill Engle)

Genre(s): Animals & Nature, Children, Young Readers

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBook: The Adventures of Lightfoot the Deer

Author: Thornton W. Burgess (1874 – 1965)

The Adventures of Lightfoot the Deer by Thornton W. Burgess

Listen and Read “The Adventures of Lightfoot the Deer by Thornton W. Burgess” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read eBook OnlineThe Adventures of Lightfoot the Deer by Thornton W. Burgess

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01 – Peter Rabbit Meets Lightfoot00:04:55
02 – Lightfoot’s New Antlers00:04:25
03 – Lightfoot Tells How His Antlers Grew00:04:28
04 – The Spirit of Fear00:05:28
05 – Sammy Jay Brings Lightfoot Word00:03:31
06 – A Game of Hide and Seek00:03:54
07 – The Merry Little Breezes Help Lightfoot00:03:43
08 – Wit Against Wit00:04:06
09 – Lightfoot Becomes Uncertain00:03:22
10 – Lightfoot’s Clever Trick00:04:09
11 – The Hunted Watches the Hunter00:03:56
12 – Lightfoot Visits Paddy the Beaver00:03:45
13 – Lightfoot and Paddy Become Partners00:03:53
14 – How Paddy Warned Lightfoot00:03:53
15 – The Three Watchers00:03:28
16 – Visitors to Paddy’s Pond00:03:41
17 – Sammy Jay Arrives00:04:03
18 – The Hunter Loses His Temper00:03:31
19 – Sammy Jay is Modest00:03:42
20 – Lightfoot Hears a Dreadful Sound00:03:42
21 – How Lightfoot Got Rid of the Hounds00:03:14
22 – Lightfoot’s Long Swim00:03:15
23 – Lightfoot Finds a Friend00:03:26
24 – The Hunter is Disappointed00:04:12
25 – The Hunter Lies in Wait00:04:03
26 – Lightfoot Does the Wise Thing00:04:06
27 – Sammy Jay Worries00:03:16
28 – The Hunting Season Ends00:03:57
29 – Mr. and Mrs. Quack are Startled00:03:49
30 – The Mystery is Solved00:04:56
31 – A Surprising Discovery00:04:40
32 – Lightfoot Sees the Stranger00:04:19
33 – A Different Game of Hide and Seek00:04:13
34 – A Startling New Footprint00:03:34
35 – Lightfoot is Reckless00:03:36
36 – Sammy Jay Takes a Hand00:03:45
37 – The Great Fight00:04:21
38 – An Unseen Watcher00:03:56
39 – Lightfoot Discovers Love00:04:14
40 – Happy Days in the Green Forest00:03:55 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Stories Books Collection

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