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Gil Blas is born in misery to a stablehand and a chambermaid of Santillana in Cantabria, and is educated by his uncle. He leaves Oviedo at the age of seventeen to attend the University of Salamanca. His bright future is suddenly interrupted when he is forced to help robbers along the route and is faced with jail. He becomes a valet and, over the course of several years, is able to observe many different classes of society, both lay and clerical. Because of his occupation, he meets many disreputable people and is able to adjust to many situations, thanks to his adaptability and quick wit.

He finally finds himself at the court as a favorite of the king and secretary to the prime minister. Working his way up though hard work and intelligence, Gil is able to retire to a castle to enjoy a fortune and a hard-earned honest life.

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBook:The Adventures of Gil Blas de Santillane

Author: Alain René Lesage 

The Adventures of Gil Blas de Santillane by Alain René Lesage 

The Adventures of Gil Blas de Santillane by Alain René Lesage The Adventures of Gerard by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read Online Text eBook: The Adventures of Gil Blas de Santillane by Alain René Lesage 

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The Author’s Declaration and Gil Blas to the Reader00:04:15
Book I, Chapter I00:06:05
Book I, Chapter II00:17:55
Book I, Chapter III00:08:37
Book I, Chapter IV00:06:39
Book I, Chapter V00:17:15
Book I, Chapter VI00:08:00
Book I, Chapter VII00:05:06
Book I, Chapter VIII00:07:51
Book I, Chapter IX00:06:19
Book I, Chapter X00:14:24
Book I, Chapter XI00:19:34
Book I, Chapter XII00:08:03
Book I, Chapter XIII00:08:17
Book I, Chapter XIV00:09:40
Book I, Chapter XV00:11:14
Book I, Chapter XVI00:15:29
Book I, Chapter XVII00:18:19
Book II, Chapter I00:13:51
Book II, Chapter II00:12:58
Book II, Chapter III00:14:03
Book II, Chapter IV00:21:33
Book II, Chapter V00:15:22
Book II, Chapter VI00:06:18
Book II, Chapter VII00:53:02
Book II, Chapter VIII00:10:01
Book II, Chapter IX00:13:59
Book III, Chapter I00:16:04
Book III, Chapter II00:14:02
Book III, Chapter III00:21:38
Book III, Chapter IV00:15:51
Book III, Chapter V00:20:45
Book III, Chapter VI00:12:30
Book III, Chapter VII00:17:56
Book III, Chapter VIII00:12:10
Book III, Chapter IX00:08:28
Book III, Chapter X00:09:18
Book III, Chapter XI00:11:21
Book III, Chapter XII00:08:58
Book IV, Chapter I00:14:03
Book IV, Chapter II00:09:38
Book IV, Chapter III00:15:15
Book IV, Chapter IV, Part 100:34:06
Book IV, Chapter IV, Part 200:43:01
Book IV, Chapter V00:26:14
Book IV, Chapter VI00:21:33
Book IV, Chapter VII00:30:44
Book IV, Chapter VIII00:14:13
Book IV, Chapter IX00:11:10
Book IV, Chapter X00:33:31
Book IV, Chapter XI00:12:26
Book V, Chapter I, Part 100:47:19
Book V, Chapter I, Part 200:47:45
Book V, Chapter I, Part 300:46:37
Book V, Chapter I, Part 400:48:43
Book V, Chapter II00:11:48
Book VI, Chapter I00:27:05
Book VI, Chapter II00:10:22
Book VI, Chapter III00:08:26
Book VII, Chapter I00:25:24
Book VII, Chapter II00:17:14
Book VII, Chapter III00:15:32
Book VII, Chapter IV00:10:19
Book VII, Chapter V00:09:31
Book VII, Chapter VI00:16:24
Book VII, Chapter VII00:37:27
Book VII, Chapter VIII00:08:26
Book VII, Chapter IX00:08:07
Book VII, Chapter X00:09:18
Book VII, Chapter XI00:08:09
Book VII, Chapter XII00:21:51
Book VII, Chapter XIII00:26:51
Book VII, Chapter XIV00:10:25
Book VII, Chapter XV00:14:47
Book VII, Chapter XVI00:19:26
Book VIII, Chapter I00:13:51
Book VIII, Chapter II00:13:00
Book VIII, Chapter III00:10:49
Book VIII, Chapter IV00:05:41
Book VIII, Chapter V00:10:40
Book VIII, Chapter VI00:11:38
Book VIII, Chapter VII00:07:01
Book VIII, Chapter VIII00:20:58
Book VIII, Chapter IX00:18:30
Book VIII, Chapter X00:19:57
Book VIII, Chapter XI00:10:02
Book VIII, Chapter XII00:07:16
Book VIII, Chapter XIII00:10:53
Book IX, Chapter I00:10:23
Book IX, Chapter II00:07:31
Book IX, Chapter III00:04:23
Book IX, Chapter IV00:08:53
Book IX, Chapter V00:07:54
Book IX, Chapter VI00:33:38
Book IX, Chapter VII00:08:06
Book IX, Chapter VIII00:09:58
Book IX, Chapter IX00:07:05
Book IX, Chapter X00:09:52
Book X, Chapter I00:22:33
Book X, Chapter II00:21:24
Book X, Chapter III00:14:20
Book X, Chapter IV00:11:00
Book X, Chapter V00:10:33
Book X, Chapter VI00:17:48
Book X, Chapter VII00:08:28
Book X, Chapter VIII00:15:03
Book X, Chapter IX00:13:54
Book X, Chapter X00:53:50
Book X, Chapter XI00:29:49
Book X, Chapter XII00:45:16
Book XI, Chapter I00:12:11
Book XI, Chapter II00:14:00
Book XI, Chapter III00:06:40
Book XI, Chapter IV00:07:35
Book XI, Chapter V00:15:23
Book XI, Chapter VI00:10:56
Book XI, Chapter VII00:09:52
Book XI, Chapter VIII00:06:41
Book XI, Chapter IX00:07:01
Book XI, Chapter X00:10:11
Book XI, Chapter XI00:05:38
Book XI, Chapter XII00:09:13
Book XI, Chapter XIII00:15:03
Book XI, Chapter XIV00:06:55
Book XII, Chapter I00:15:46
Book XII, Chapter II00:05:04
Book XII, Chapter III00:10:23
Book XII, Chapter IV00:05:30
Book XII, Chapter V00:05:35
Book XII, Chapter VI00:06:55
Book XII, Chapter VII00:06:22
Book XII, Chapter VIII00:05:00
Book XII, Chapter IX00:05:10
Book XII, Chapter X00:06:00
Book XII, Chapter XI00:06:29
Book XII, Chapter XII00:05:52
Book XII, Chapter XIII00:07:48
Book XII, Chapter XIV00:07:42

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