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Diggeldy Dan (rhymes with Wiggildy Wan) is a most ingenious fellow who lives in a circus called Spangleland. He looks like a clown because he perhaps is a clown but a very special clown who invites the Pretty Lady with the Blue Blue Eyes (a very special person herself) to meet with the animals of the circus. Many things happen that are just too amazing to talk about because you won’t believe them but if you read this book you will perhaps learn that fun is inside all of us. The writing is adult, not childlike, and easy to understand. – Summary by phil chenevert

Genre(s): Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales, General, Children, Young Readers

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBook: The Adventures of Diggeldy Dan

Author: Edwin P. Norwood (1881 – )

The Adventures of Diggeldy Dan by Edwin P. Norwood

Listen and Read “The Adventures of Diggeldy Dan by Edwin P. Norwood” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read eBook OnlineThe Adventures of Diggeldy Dan by Edwin P. Norwood

Listen To Audio: Click the Following Links

In Which Dan Meets the Pretty Lady with the Blue-Blue Eyes00:09:35
In Which Dan Hears the Message from Too-Bo-Tan00:07:26
In Which Dan Releases the Animals of Spangleland00:07:23
In Which the Animals Elect Officers00:05:59
In Which Giraffe Gives a Chalk-Talk and the Animals Learn a New Game00:06:11
In Which the Animals Send a Message to the Pretty Lady00:05:41
In Which the Animals Meet with a Disappointment and a Surprise and a Story is Begun00:09:27
In Which the Pretty Lady Continues Her Story00:10:11
In Which the Pretty Lady Concludes Her Story00:08:31
In Which the Pretty Lady Tells of Mysteries and Spangles00:11:12
In Which the Animals Play at Circus and Dan Promises a Story00:13:00
n Which Dan Answers the Beckoning Trees00:16:27
In Which Dan Learns of Peanuts and Things00:11:09
In Which Dan Parts with Old Friends and Prepares to Claim a Reward00:15:45
In Which Dan and Gray Ears Arrive at Their Goal00:18:41
In Which Dan Joins the Very Biggest Circus00:12:55
In Which the Animals Entertain an Unexpected Caller00:14:39
In Which the Pretty Lady Carries a Passenger into the Wide Wide World00:16:17
In Which Little Black Bear Spends a Night in the Forest00:13:24
In Which Little Black Bear Meets Shagg, the Carpenter00:11:59
In Which Little Black Bear Adds Still More to His Story00:09:11
In Which Dan Meets Beader, of the Jumping Dragoons00:09:40
In Which Dan Spends a Night in the Valley of Tick Tock00:16:12
In Which Dan is Presented with the Key to the Valley00:13:54
In Which Dan Hears the Clock Strike One00:13:14
We Say Goodbye to Diggeldy Dan00:01:54 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Stories Books Collection

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