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A courtroom drama

Free English Story eBook: The Accused

Author: Harold R. Daniels

Book Excerpt

Chapter 1

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the accused, Alvin Morlock, is charged with the ultimate crime, the crime of murder. It is the intention of the State to demonstrate, in the course of this trial, that he is guilty and that the degree of his guilt, which it will be your function to fix, demands the ultimate punishment by law. In other words, we charge him with murder in the first degree. Murder calculated. Murder premeditated. Murder ruthlessly and heartlessly committed on the person who had every reason to expect nothing but a cherishing affection from the accused.

The Accused by Harold R. Daniels Free MYSTERY & DETECTIVE Book

The defense will undoubtedly attempt to arouse your sympathy by attacking the character of the victim of his homicide, Morlock’s dead wife. They will tell you that she was extravagant, that she was a slattern and worse. But we will show you that Morlock himself was at least partly responsible for his wife’s actions, and I would impress on you that whatever his motives for murder, they in no sense mitigate his guilt. It is not the dead Louise Morlock who is on trial here. It is her husband, and the charge against him is the taking of a human life.

PUBLISHED: 1958 / 158 Pages

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