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A Rose of the Cumberland’s


Free English Story eBook: ‘Smiles’ / A Rose of the Cumberlands

Author: Eliot H. Robinson

Smiles is a girl who has already made many friends and is destined to make many more. Her real name is Rose, but the rough folk of the Cumberland’s preferred their own way of addressing her, for her smile was so bright and winning that no other name suited her so well

‘Smiles’ by Eliot H. Robinson English Story Book

PUBLISHED: 1919 / 264 Pages

Book Excerpt

clothing and bending naturally, was slender and lithesome, but full of curves which told that the bud of childhood was just beginning to open into the blossom of early maturity–about fifteen or sixteen years old, Donald guessed her to be.

At her feet lay an overturned kettle the contents from which, a simple stew, was sending up a cloud of steam from the rough floor, and explained the reason for the misty eyes and tenderly nursed ankle.

The whole picture was graven on his mind in a single glance; but, the next instant the sunniest, most appealing of smiles broke through the girl’s pain-drawn tears.

“Yo’ … yo’ looked so funny a-fallin’ over thet thar dawg, an’ a-rollin’ on the floor,” her words bubbled forth.

“I’m glad that you have something to laugh about, but dev … deucedly sorry that I made you burn yourself, child,” answered Donald, awkwardly. “It must hurt like the … the mischief,” he added, as he stepped forward to examine the injury with a quick return to his

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