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In this, the second book of the Ruth Fielding series, Ruth goes to boarding school with her best friend Helen. When they get there, Ruth starts her own sorority called the Sweet Briars for the new girls. Her sweet group of girls conflicts with the two other sororities the Upedes and the Fussy Curls. In the midst of settling in to the new place, there is a campus rumor about a legend of the marble harp playing ominously at night. But when the French teacher is in a fright, will Ruth be able to solve this mystery?

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Children’s, Young Readers, School

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookRuth Fielding at Briarwood Hall

Author: Alice B. Emerson

Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall by Alice B. Emerson

Listen and Read “Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall by Alice B. Emerson” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read OnlineRuth Fielding at Briarwood Hall by Alice B. Emerson

Listen To Audio: Click the Following Links

The Exodus00:11:10
The Man Who Played the Harp00:15:59
Approaching the Promised Land00:11:42
The Rivalry of the Upedes and Fussy Curls00:10:53
‘The Duet’00:10:35
The Entering Wedge00:10:16
The Upedes00:16:53
The Marble Harp00:12:31
The Ghostly Tribunal00:08:55
Something More Than Ghosts00:09:43
The Voice of the Harp00:07:35
The Mystery Deepens00:12:01
The Sweetbriars00:12:37
The Night of the Harpocrates00:08:32
The Hawk Among the Chickens00:07:55
Goody Two-Sticks00:08:08
The Mystery Again00:09:42
The Triumvirate00:09:32
At Triton Lake00:07:41
On the Ice00:07:23
The Harpist Once More00:11:57
The Secret00:10:09
‘Who is the Tattle-Tale?’00:09:56
Getting On00:08:27 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Story Books Collection

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