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A Georgian Romance

Set in the late Georgian era, Elizabeth Bailey’s traditional historical romance features an unconventional heroine with a rebellious spirit who runs headlong into adventure.

Threatened with a pistol by the young lady discovered in a deserted mansion, Major Gerald Alderley is instantly intrigued. Who is the beautiful intruder? And why does she disguise herself as a nun? What circumstance has thrust her into an enterprise both foolhardy and dangerous? The girl’s French accent places her with the émigrés from across the channel, except that Mademoiselle insists she is English.

Set on unravelling the mystery, Gerald begins a relentless pursuit, hunting down every possible clue – much to the indignation of Mademoiselle. When her life proves to be in danger from the villainous émigré Valade, Gerald has his work cut out. For Mademoiselle Melusine, engaged in a desperate battle to prove her true identity, believes she is well able to take care of herself and is determined not to be rescued.

Free Story eBook: Mademoiselle At Arms

Author: Elizabeth Bailey

Mademoiselle At Arms by Elizabeth Bailey Free Story eBook

PUBLISHED: 2012 / 189 Pages

Book Excerpt

‘Our French friends are beginning to form quite a little coterie,’ remarked
Gerald, covertly studying the group gathered in an alcove at the other side of
Lady Bicknacre’s ballroom.

The vast mirrored chamber, with its four little square window bays, two either
side of the large raised dais that led to the French doors, was very full of
company for the start of the Little Season. The clever hostess having let fall that
several distinguished guests from France would be present, the world had
flocked to her doors to catch, like the gossip-hungry vultures they were, a
glimpse of them.

Few approached the émigrés directly, preferring to stare covertly from behind
their fans, while pretending to admire the simple elegance of Lady Bicknacre’s
neo-classical refurbishments. To Gerald’s eye, the refugees therefore presented a
rather forlorn little group, almost huddling together and chattering in low tones
in their own tongue.

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