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Free Story eBook: Les Misérables

Author: Victor Hugo

Les Misérables by Victor Hugo FREE STORY EBOOKS

PUBLISHED: 1862 / 1609 Pages

As much a history or commentary as a work of fiction, Les Misérables is dominated by France’s past. While the fictional aspects may seem to be an afterthought, Hugo’s craft is apparent as he weaves multiple characters together. (Translated by Isabel F. Hapgood)

Book Excerpt:

lhouettes of this Darkness VIII. Post Corda Lapides IX. A Century under a Guimpe X. Origin of the Perpetual Adoration XI. End of the Petit-Picpus


I. The Convent as an Abstract Idea II. The Convent as an Historical Fact III. On What Conditions One can respect the Past IV. The Convent from the Point of View of Principles V. Prayer VI. The Absolute Goodness of Prayer VII. Precautions to be observed in Blame VIII. Faith, Law


I. Which treats of the Manner of entering a Convent II. Fauchelevent in the Presence of a Difficulty III. Mother Innocente IV. In which Jean Valjean has quite the Air of having read Austin Castillejo V. It is not Necessary to be Drunk in order to be Immortal VI. Between Four Planks VII. In which will be found the Origin of the Saying: Don’t lose the Card VIII. A Successful Interrogatory IX. Cloister

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