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A runaway carriage, a spunky little girl, and a street urchin combine on the first page of Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished: a Tale of City Arab Life in a hilarious combination that you won’t want to leave. This story shows first hand what ‘city arabs’ have to face day by day and the impact Christians can make. – Summary by Adele de Pignerolles

Genre(s): Action, ADVENTURE, Historical, Children, Young Readers, FICTION AND LITERATURE

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookDusty Diamonds Cut and Polished

Author: Robert Michael Ballantyne

Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished by Robert Michael Ballantyne

Listen and Read “Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished by Robert Michael Ballantyne” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

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An Accident and some of its Curious Results00:16:19
The Irresistible Power of Love00:05:59
Poverty Manages to Board out her Infant for Nothing00:19:46
Samuel Twitter Astonishes Mrs Twitter and Her Friends00:14:39
Treats still further of Riches, Poverty, Babies, and Police00:11:21
Wealth pays a Visit to Poverty00:35:38
Bicycling and its Occasional Results00:17:23
A Great and Memorable Day00:23:15
How the Poor are Succoured00:26:36
Balls, Bobby, Sir Richard, and Giles appear on the Stage00:25:42
Sir Richard and Mr Brisbane discuss, and Di listens00:14:04
Sammy Twitter’s Fall00:17:28
Tells of some Vigorous and Peculiarities of the Lower Orders00:13:16
Number 666 Off Duty00:15:07
Mrs Frog sinks Deeper and Deeper00:24:03
Sir Richard visits the Beehive, and sees many Surprising Things00:23:08
Things become too hot for the Twitter Family00:11:39
The Ocean and the New World00:28:26
At Home in Canada00:14:36
Occupations at Brankly Farm00:12:03
Treats of Altered Circumstances and Blue-Ribbonism00:22:40
Ned Frog’s Experiences and Sammy Twitter’s Woes00:17:21
Hopes Revive00:22:36
The Returning Prodigal00:12:45
Canada again–and Surprising News00:15:30
Happy Meetings00:15:29
A Strange Visit and its Results00:13:55
The Great Change00:09:22
Home Again00:13:46
The New Home00:09:28

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