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This is the third book in the Dorothy Dale series, written under the house pseudonym of Margaret Penrose. “Girls have to have secrets, or they wouldn’t be girls, and we have now got ours.” In this, the third book in the Dorothy Dale series, written under the house pseudonym of Margaret Penrose, Dorothy proves herself to be a good friend to Tavia. Amid suspicion and worry for her chum, she undertakes the perilous task of ‘rescuing’ her and saving her reputation with minimal help from her cousins Nat and Ned White and without spreading her concerns, in the hope they be unfounded. (Summary by Lynne Thompson)

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, General, School

Language: English

Free English Story Audio and eBookDorothy Dale’s Great Secret

Author: Margaret Penrose

Dorothy Dale’s Great Secret by Margaret Penrose

Listen and Read “Dorothy Dale’s Great Secret by Margaret Penrose” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

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An Automobile Ride00:20:12
Tavia Has Plans00:13:10
A Cup Of Tea00:13:31
The Apparition00:09:25
An Untimely Letter00:09:30
On The Lawn00:08:37
At Sunset Lake00:11:21
A Lively Afternoon00:07:45
Dorothy And Tavia00:10:15
Leaving Glenwood00:09:03
A Jolly Home-Coming00:11:51
Dorothy Is Worried00:14:33
Little Urania00:12:24
The Runaway00:13:04
A Spell Of The “Glumps”00:09:59
Dorothy In Buffalo00:16:33
At The Play00:14:04
Behind The Scenes00:12:36
The Clue00:14:22
Dorothy And The Manager00:12:24
Adrift In A Strange City00:06:38
In Dire Distress00:23:24
The Secret – Conclusion00:11:47

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