Dorothy Dale – A Girl of Today by Margaret Penrose Free Audiobooks and eBooks

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Dorothy Dale is the daughter of an old Civil War veteran who is running a weekly newspaper in a small Eastern town. Her sunny disposition, her fun-loving ways and her trials and triumphs make clean, interesting and fascinating reading. The Dorothy Dale Series is one of the most popular series of books for girls ever published. (from the book)

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, General, School

Language: English

Free English Story Audio and eBookDorothy Dale – A Girl of Today

Author: Margaret Penrose

Dorothy Dale – A Girl of Today by Margaret Penrose

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Dorothy at the Office00:21:40
A Strange Adventure00:14:09
A Clew00:09:19
Miles Burlock00:11:27
At the Swing00:07:22
What Happened in the Orchard00:09:06
Squire Sanders at School00:11:49
The Aftermath00:07:04
Apple Blossom Magic00:18:08
A Soldier’s Daughter00:15:38
An Unprovoked Attack00:16:25
A Queer Picnic00:17:10
The Secret00:12:35
Dorothy in Politics00:13:08
The Girls Have It00:06:41
A Girl’s Weapon00:10:52
Dorothy in Danger00:09:58
A Surprise Trip00:12:25
An Eventful Journey00:11:34
At Aunt Winnie’s00:13:30
The Price of Tavia’s Tresses00:23:30
In Social Elements00:15:31
The Painted Face00:18:08
An Emergency Case00:15:57
Dorothy’s Courage00:08:22
The Little Captain – Conclusion00:10:44

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