Clover by Susan Coolidge by Susan Coolidge Free Audiobook and eBook

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Clover is the fourth book in the popular What Katy Did series. After Katy’s wedding, the focus shifts to her little sister Clover. Their brother Phil encounters serious illness in the winter, and Dr. Carr sends him with Clover to the mountains of Colorado. Clarence Page, their naughty cousin from the other books, lives nearby. He is a rancher now with an attractive English partner, Geoff Templestowe, whom Clover falls for.

Genre(s): Romance, Children, Young Readers, FICTION AND LITERATURE

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookClover

Author: Susan Coolidge

Clover by Susan Coolidge

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I. A Talk on the Doorsteps00:18:43
II. The Day of Happy Letters00:21:29
III. The First Wedding in the Family00:26:28
IV. Two Long Years in One Short Chapter00:18:35
V. Car Forty-seven00:29:30
VI. St. Helen’s00:27:00
VII. Making Acquaintance00:25:32
VIII. High Valley00:26:15
IX. Over a Pass00:27:03
X. No. 13 Piute Street00:26:30
XI. The Last of the Clover-leaves00:22:41 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Stories Books Collection

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