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The book tries to give its young readers a living knowledge of Europe. The author conducts tours through various parts of Europe giving a glimpse of the people and their lives and livelihoods. He includes as well information on the natural resources and physical geography of those many countries. Summary by Betty B and preface.

Genre(s): Young Readers, Reference, Travel & Geography

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBook: Carpenter’s Geographical Reader: Europe

Author: Frank G. Carpenter 

Carpenter’s Geographical Reader: Europe by Frank G. Carpenter

Listen and Read “Carpenter’s Geographical Reader: Europe by Frank G. Carpenter” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

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Across the Atlantic to Europe00:10:11
Southern Ireland00:12:12
Central and Northern Ireland00:10:37
Glasgow and the Clyde00:10:05
The Scottish Highlands – Edinburgh00:09:45
Rural England00:08:28
Manufacturing England00:16:24
London – The Commercial Center of the World00:13:19
How England is Governed – A Visit to Parliament00:13:47
Rural France00:13:35
Commercial and Manufacturing France00:14:43
Paris – The Most Beautiful City in the World00:14:34
How France is Governed00:11:25
Belgium – The Busiest Workshop of Europe00:12:31
A Country Below the Sea00:15:45
In the Dutch Cities – Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague00:16:58
The Land of the Danes00:09:28
Where the Sun Shines at Midnight00:17:45
Travels in Norway and Sweden00:14:48
In the German Empire00:12:15
The Seaports of Germany00:12:33
The Emperor – How Germany is Governed00:10:15
Rural and Manufacturing Germany00:15:58
Up the Rhine to Switzerland00:21:18
Switzerland – The Alps00:15:37
The Swiss People and How They are Governed00:14:08
The Upper Danube – From Ulm to Vienna00:14:26
In the Capital of Austria-Hungary00:17:01
Hungary and the Hungarians00:11:18
On the Lower Danube from Budapest to the Black Sea00:12:25
In Odessa – General View of Russia00:15:50
The Russian Peasants – A Nation of Villages00:13:38
In St. Petersburg00:14:51
Moscow – Commercial and Manufacturing Russia00:17:57
Down the Volga to the Caspian Sea00:16:07
In Constantinople00:16:28
Among the Mohammedans00:12:23
In Modern Greece00:17:19
Northern Italy00:13:45
Rome, the Capital of Italy00:10:11
Naples and Mount Vesuvius00:16:43
Rural Spain00:13:12
In the Cities of Spain00:14:39
The Kingdom of Portugal00:09:44 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Stories Books Collection

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