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“Brenda was used to getting her own way. Her parents and older sisters spoiled her, her friends followed her lead, servants obeyed her, and she was truly beautiful. That was so, until her cousin Julia (who is everything that she is not) came to live with her family. And that’s when our book starts.” (Summary by Stav Nisser)

Genre(s): General Fiction, School

Language: English

Free English Story Audio and eBookBrenda, Her School and Her Club

Author: Helen Leah Reed (1860 – 1926)

Brenda, Her School and Her Club by Helen Leah Reed

Listen and Read “Brenda, Her School and Her Club by Helen Leah Reed” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read OnlineBrenda, Her School and Her Club by Helen Leah Reed

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01 – Four Friends00:19:16
02 – Julia’s Arrival00:13:57
03 – The Rescue00:13:41
04 – A Club Meeting00:13:47
05 – Miss Crawdon’s School00:13:46
06 – Misunderstandings00:12:51
07 – Visiting Manuel00:12:37
08 – Planning the Bazaar00:11:05
09 – A Mysterious Mansion00:14:21
10 – A Sophomore00:11:46
11 – The Cooking Class00:10:15
12 – Concerning Julia00:14:42
13 – Great Expectations00:11:15
14 – The Football Game00:17:57
15 – A Poet at Home00:16:56
16 – A Historic Ramble00:16:52
17 – The Rosas at Home00:14:38
18 – Merry Christmas00:11:50
19 – Nora’s Thoughtlessness00:15:15
20 – Fidessa and Her Mistress00:15:56
21 – Miss South and Julia00:17:48
22 – Brenda’s Secret00:17:04
23 – Almost Ready00:16:22
24 – An Evening’s Fun00:14:17
25 – The Bazaar00:18:14
26 – Great Excitement00:20:03
27 – A Mistake00:18:17
28 – Explanations00:21:59
29 – After Vacation00:20:55
30 – Brenda’s Folly00:12:47
31 – The Shiloh Picnic00:10:11

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