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Gaylord DuBois wrote juvenile literature for decades. This is a boys’ adventure story about serving in the American World War II flying corps. – Summary by david wales

Genre(s): Action & Adventure, Children, Young Readers

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookBarry Blake Of The Flying Fortress

Author: Gaylord Dubois (1899 – 1993)

Barry Blake Of The Flying Fortress by Gaylord Dubois

Listen and Read “Barry Blake Of The Flying Fortress by Gaylord Dubois” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read eBook OnlineBarry Blake Of The Flying Fortress by Gaylord Dubois

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Chapter 1 Randolph Field00:11:15
Chapter 2 Two Kinds Of Rats00:11:14
Chapter 3 Jeep Jitters00:10:27
Chapter 4 Lieutenant Rip Van Winkle00:09:27
Chapter 5 Sweet Rosy O’Grady00:14:36
Chapter 6 Submarines To The Right00:11:27
Chapter 7 Raid On Rabaul00:14:14
Chapter 8 Flying Wreckage00:15:07
Chapter 9 Night Attack00:13:18
Chapter 10 Hand To Hand00:21:07
Chapter 11 Lieutenant In White00:09:46
Chapter 12 New Guinea Gardens00:14:11
Chapter 13 Mysterious Island00:11:04
Chapter 14 Dogfighting Fortress00:15:32
Chapter 15 Slaughter From The Air00:28:21
Chapter 16 Secret Mission00:18:33
Chapter 17 Out Of The Fog00:18:57
Chapter 18 Adrift00:17:10
Chapter 19 The Catamaran00:16:22
Chapter 20 Floating Wreckage00:17:23
Chapter 21 Patched Winds In The Dawn00:15:47 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Stories Books Collection

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