Aunt Jane’s Nieces Out West by L. Frank Baum Free Audiobook and eBook

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Written under pseudonym of Edith Van Dyne. The story continues the adventures of three cousins, Louise, Patsy and Beth,with their debuts in society and the appearance of suitors, one of whom is rejected and kidnaps Louise. (Summary by Lynne Thompson)

Genre(s): FICTION AND LITERATURE, WESTERN, General, Children, Young Readers

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookAunt Jane’s Nieces Out West

Author: L. Frank Baum

Aunt Jane’s Nieces Out West by L. Frank Baum

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Caught By The Camera00:15:49
An Object Lesson00:12:03
An Attractive Girl00:10:11
Aunt Jane’s Nieces00:15:04
A Thrilling Rescue00:20:25
A. Jones00:11:52
The Invalid00:15:14
The Magic Of A Name00:09:39
Doctor Patsy00:13:29
Still A Mystery00:14:45
A Damsel In Distress00:11:50
Pictures, Girls And Nonsense00:15:03
A Foolish Boy00:15:43
Isidore Le Drieux00:12:37
A Few Pearls00:27:41
Uncle John Is Puzzled00:16:40
Doubts And Difficulties00:11:34
Maud Makes A Memorandum00:06:37
A Girlish Notion00:08:59
The Yacht “Arabella”00:15:07
Masculine And Feminine00:14:31
The Advantage Of A Day00:05:43
Picture Number Nineteen00:07:33
Sunshine After Rain00:12:24 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Stories Books Collection

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