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A crack American flying troop has been sent to France, where they await further instructions. They are concerned that their extensive talents will not be put to good use in the war. Major Cowan introduces Lt. McGee as the British instructor for the crew.

It turns out the Brit is actually an American, born in the U.S., even though his parents were British. McGee and Larkin are flying partners. Out on a mission, McGee spots a small enemy plane in a searchlight, probably intent on dropping flares to mark targets for bombers. He drives in for the attack successfully, as the enemy plane zooms earthward in flames. During another flight to Epernay, a fellow pilot, Siddons, fades back to a previous stop. McGee and Larkin suspect Siddons of aiding the enemy. Von Herzmann is preparing German pilots to fight Americans. Larkin and McGee defeat the enemy and force a retreat. In another battle, McGee must crash-land, where he passes out due to injuries. He spends weeks recovering in a hospital. When he is discharged, he cannot find his squadron. After diligent searching, he shows up at his old base. At the end, it is revealed that Siddons is not at all what he was suspected of being–in fact, the opposite. (Bill Boerst)

Genre(s): Children’s Fiction, Action & Adventure Fiction, General Fiction, Children’s, Young Readers, Short Story

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookAces Up

Author: Covington Clarke (1891 – )

Aces Up by Covington Clarke

Listen and Read “Aces Up by Covington Clarke” Audiobook, eBook together to Learn and Improve English

Read eBook OnlineAces Up by Covington Clarke

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Chapter 1, Part A00:13:46
Chapter 1, Part B00:16:14
Chapter 1, Part C00:09:32
Chapter 2, Part A00:19:48
Chapter 2, Part B00:07:12
Chapter 2, Part C00:09:03
Chapter 3, Part A00:07:39
Chapter 3, Parts B and C00:13:44
Chapter 4, Part A00:14:34
Chapter 4, Parts B and C00:14:45
Chapter 5, Parts A and B00:12:25
Chapter 5, Parts C and D00:11:11
Chapter 6, Parts A and B00:11:45
Chapter 6, Parts C and D00:15:26
Chapter 700:24:36
Chapter 8, Part A00:14:36
Chapter 8, Parts B and C00:22:25
Chapter 900:22:30
Chapter 10, Parts A and B00:13:29
Chapter 10, Parts C and D00:06:08
Chapter 11, Part A00:09:16
Chapter 11, Part B00:11:06
Chapter 1200:27:01
Chapter 13, Parts A and B00:08:00
Chapter 13, Parts C, D, and E00:09:59
Glossary00:11:22 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Stories Books Collection

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