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A collection of short stories about many people. Some being tested, some being rewarded, all worth rereading! Many of them are the type to build character and inspire the readers to become men and women for God. They include various missionary, home and school stories. Numerous poems are also found sprinkled through this book. (Summary by Trotsa)

Genre(s): Religion, Children, Young Readers, SHORT STORY COLLECTION

Language: English

Free English Story Audio-Book and eBookStories Worth Rereading

Author: Various

Stories Worth Rereading by Various Authors

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Preface and ‘Their Word of Honor’00:18:12en
Heroism (poem)00:01:28en
Muriel’s Bright Idea00:07:05en
Just Do Your Best (poem)00:01:03
The Strength of Clinton00:11:01
The Doctor’s Cow00:18:07en
Brotherly Kindness (poem)00:01:34en
Honey at the Phone00:03:57en
One of Father’s Stories00:07:03
What Rum Does00:03:49en
My Mother’s Ring00:13:52
The Lad’s Answer (poem)00:01:54
The Bridal Wine Cup00:06:39en
A Mother’s Sorrow and short poem00:06:07en
The Reprimand00:02:55en
The Kingfisher (poem)00:01:30
An Example00:10:38
Fighting the Good Fight00:05:42
Our Help is Near (poem)00:01:00en
Tightening the Saddle Girth00:02:59en
If You But Knew (poem)00:01:58
Herrings for Nothing00:07:18
Come (poem)00:01:21en
The Power of Song00:08:33
Jack’s Fidelity00:07:40
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother00:04:38
The Sleigh Ride00:09:27
The Tongue Can No Man Tame (poem)00:00:57
Samuel Smiles the Author of ‘Self-Help’00:06:44en
Life’s Battles (poem)00:01:24
David Livingstone00:20:03en
A True Incident of the San Francisco Earthquake00:13:36en
Little Corners00:05:15en
In the Home00:15:34
Sometime, Somewhere (poem)00:00:53
Giants and Grasshoppers00:10:37en
As Good as His Bond00:03:16en
Plain Bernice00:08:28
Say ‘Thank You’ (poem)00:01:34
How the Boy Without a Reference Found One00:03:59en
An Hour a Day for a Year00:06:26en
“Please Sir, I Would Rather Not” and short poem00:04:00en
The Right Word00:03:22en
A Friend (poem)00:01:16
The Saddest of India’s Pictures00:03:08
A Plea For Missions (poem)00:01:25
One Little Widow00:06:53en
Why the Mite Boxes Were Full00:08:26
Tito and the Boxers00:07:48en
What the Flowers Say to Me (poem)00:01:17
How Nyangandi Swam to Church00:01:30en
To Those Who Fail (poem)00:01:04en
The Little Printer Missionary00:03:16en
Consecration (poem)00:00:49en
The Missionary’s Defense00:06:08en
Light at Last00:04:14
The Brown Towel00:05:47en
Only a Boy00:05:04en
When Someone’s Late (poem)00:01:15
The Little Protector00:06:07
If I Ought to (poem)00:01:02
Moffat and the Africaner00:10:01en
Two Trifles00:16:09
Finish Thy Work (poem)00:01:27
A Second Trial00:08:05en
The Sin of Extravagance00:04:20
A Little Child’s Work00:03:55
Christ is Coming (poem)00:01:22en
The Handy Box00:04:01
The Result of Disobedience00:06:42
Likes and Dislikes (poem)00:01:08en
Livingstone’s Body Guard00:11:48en
Spare Moments00:03:35en
A Gold Medal00:05:08en
A Girl’s Railway Aquaintance00:04:02en
Harold’s Footman00:07:35
Elnathan’s Gold00:17:47
Only a Jack-knife00:04:06en
A Spelling Bee00:03:29en
Jack’s Queer Ways00:06:26en
My Missionary Garden (poem)00:01:35
What One Boy Did00:03:36
How Nick Learned Manners and short poem00:05:45
Without Ballast00:03:22en
Reflex Influence (poem)00:01:40
Influence of a Good Book00:04:28en
Straightening out the Furrows and short poem00:05:46en
A Boy Who Was Wanted00:09:15en
Wanted: An Employer00:12:41
How to Stop Swearing00:05:21
The Carols of Bethlehem Center00:17:04
Standing Bear’s Speech00:10:23
Some Things We Need (poem)00:01:25
Mabel Ashton’s Dream00:11:35
A Sad But True Story00:09:07
Sowing to the Flesh (poem)00:01:44en
The Man That Died For Me00:15:41
How Wonderful! (poem)00:01:30en
Our Grass Rug – And Other Things00:18:35 Free Audiobooks and eBooks Stories Books Collection

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